Winter Tire Program


Even when you're driving safely, winter roads can be quite slippery. Winter tires can help you stop faster and avoid sliding on ice and snow. Reduce your risk on those icy roads with the Winter Tire Program, which can provide low-interest financing to qualified Manitobans at prime plus two percent, on up to $2,000 per vehicle.

The purchase of approved winter tires and any related costs from Vickar Community Chevrolet can be received using this financing.

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who is eligible


You must be purchasing as an individual (not corporate) customer of Manitoba Public insurance customer. You must have a light truck or passenger vehicle registered under your name in order to qualify. If you do have financing restrictions or outstanding arrears within your Manitoba Public Insurance account, you will not qualify.


We will confirm your eligibility and then complete the loan approval. Your vehicle registration certificate and a Manitoba drivers licence or identification card will be necessary. You will be required to:

  • Pick a term between one and four years for a financing plan, and a day to do your monthly payment withdrawal.
  • You have the choice between using the current information on your Manitoba Health Insurance account or having your information received from you by your Autopac agent.
  • Give us your contact information as well as your preferred Autopac agent.

Your loan information, promissory note as well as terms and conditions will be printed for you to read and sign. If your investment ends up being more than $2,000, you will be asked to pay the amount remaining.

how it works